Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The beauty of yoga


For the past few months I've been practicing yoga regularly (I've practiced yoga for about 6 years on and off).  I can easily say that yoga is one of the most valuable ways I can spend my time, because it's such a holistic practice with so many benefits.  Yoga is breathing, exercise, flexibility, stress relief, fun, meditation, pain relief, strength training, learning, injury prevention, community, creativity, and self compassion all in one.  Sometimes I wonder why I don't do yoga every day!

I also love yoga because it is simply so beautiful.  I find it fascinating to think about what the human body can do through yoga, even outside!  I was introduced to outdoor yoga by one of my favorite instructors, Jessie Elenbaas (our 9th Wellness Diva!) a few years ago.  Jessie holds donation based outdoor yoga sessions during the Summer in Seattle that are so incredible.  They're usually at a park by the water, and every time I go I get such a wave of peace and fall more in love with the practice.

My appreciation for outdoor yoga also lead me to another (nerdy) obsession: outdoor yoga photography (and yoga photography in general).  When I visit Pinterest, I like looking at yoga photos, especially the ones taken outdoors.  They remind me to practice yoga, spend time outside, and take care of my body.  The thought of booking an awesome vacation (think: beach, pool, and hiking) also crosses my mind :)...

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