Monday, April 22, 2013

"If you can gain it that fast, then you can lose it that fast."

My good friend Sarah (pictured above) once told me the above quote years ago.  It must have been after Thanksgiving, when I suddenly saw 3 extra lbs appear on the scale and had a mini freak out!  Sarah said that she's always liked this motto.   It calms you down and brings you back to the reality of what is totally possible, when you're in panic mode and somehow convince yourself that you've done permanent damage. 

The real reason why I love this quote (besides the hope of successful weight loss :) is because you can easily apply it to other areas of your life.  I like the general concept of getting into a funk and getting quickly out of it.  It provides me with a sense of confidence and optimism when I'm wanting to make a change with any area of my life.  This could be anything from cleaning your home (after it's reached a stage of messiness), eating healthy (after you've been eating unhealthy all week), or getting back into your workout routine (after not exercising for a while).

April has been one busy month for me.  I think busy is an understatement.  With way too much stress and pressure from both my personal and professional life, I am looking forward to moving toward a more peaceful May, filled with a lot of self care, love, and prioritization of my priorities (yes, you read that right - more on that later!).

Quick changes I am wanting to make this week and during the month of May: getting a lot of sleep, eating healthy, getting quality exercise, and focusing on my faith.  I am not expecting perfection, but hope to take little steps to refocus myself, my health, and my energy.

What change(s) do you want to make in the near future?


  1. LOVE! I love that you remember this--- I think about it ALL THE TIME, especially after a weekend of brunching and (happily) indulging! I'm right there with you, thanks for the motivation! xoxo

    1. I love that you think about it too! It's seriously brilliant. You should send the article to Megan - isn't she the friend who used to say that with you? :)