Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Making time for "quiet time" during the work week

Yesterday I went to yoga class at my gym (with my favorite instructor, Michelle!).  The session was wonderful - challenging yet relaxing and rewarding.  After class I took Lucy down to the Burke Gilman trail for a spontaneous walk while the sun was setting.  I felt so much peace and tranquility walking outside for just 10 minutes, observing my surroundings, and soaking in the "yoga high" I had from class.   It made me realize how valuable it is to set aside "quiet time" (outdoors) during the work week.  It also reminded me how fortunate I am to live in a beautiful city, have a great dog, and have a healthy body that allows me to do yoga, go for walks, and see my surroundings.

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  1. Love this - good for you! Nice little inspiration, as I'm heading to yoga shortly :)