Thursday, June 27, 2013

Slim for Life (SFL) Finding #1: Land, Sea or Tree

[Disclaimer: I loved Slim for Life from start to finish, and I found almost all of Jillian's advice helpful.  However, for purposes of this "blog book club" and the findings I share from her book, I'm only sharing insights that I found the most practical and helpful to me personally.  I definitely recommend reading the whole book to learn about all the great tips on bettering your health to use the most holistic approach!]

The first great finding I discovered from Jillian Michael's Slim for Life book was her rule "Land, Sea, or Tree."  She explains "If it didn't come from the ground or the ocean or have a mother - don't eat it.  Think about it.  Twinkies and Cheetos - what the hell are these?" (p 18).   Oh Jillian, you make me laugh (per usual).

I like this rule because it gives you a very practical guide post (that you can easily remember) when you're making food decisions, whether you're at the grocery store, cooking dinner, or at a party.  I know that when I've maintained a very "all natural" diet in the past, I feel so much better all around.  Foods like Cheetos or Twizzlers might taste good initially, but I always feel really icky inside after I've eaten them (my stomach definitely says "what the hell?").  I've found that by maintaining a Land, Sea, or Tree type diet, that my skin is better, I have more energy, my blood sugar is consistent, and I am almost always able to maintain (or lose) my weight. 

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