Tuesday, June 18, 2013

SLIM FOR LIFE (WellnessGal 'Book Club'!)

During my recent vacation in AZ, I read Slim for Life by Jillian Michaels.  My friends and I became fans of Jillian years ago after watching The Biggest Loser together every week.  We just love her sass, honesty, and no BS, no excuses (not to mention hilarious) approach to training and coaching.  So naturally, when I was browsing the book aisle at the grocery store the other month and saw the hot pink cover with Jillian and her fabulous physique, I snatched it in a second (for those of you who know me personally, you know this provides a great visual).

In all seriousness, Slim for Life is a fabulous book.  It is fun, entertaining, helpful, and informative.  My favorite part of the book is that Jillian puts to rest countless health "myths" that we hear all the time and often wrestle with by providing very balanced answers.  It's tough navigating through the health world with so many opinionated "health experts" all saying different things.

I love reading health books, because it's such a beneficial use of my time.  Even if I don't agree with everything I read, I always discover something that inspires me and am able to apply it to my life - something always resonates and betters my wellness at the end of the day.  

After reading Slim for Life, I decided that I want to start making a more disciplined effort to report about my books on this blog through starting a "Book Club" of some sorts.  When I read a book, I will start sharing my key findings during and/or after the reading process.  Hopefully you'll consider reading a book with me now and then, or if you're liking what you hear, you might be inclined to read the book later or apply a finding to your life right away! (Note: I'll be tracking these posts by using the label "Books," and so if you ever want to search a past book I've posted about, you can find the posts by clicking on the Books label on the list on the right side of my homepage.  Also, I will only share about books that I think a majority of readers will find truly worthwhile :).

So, stay tuned for my first post about my favorite findings from Slim for Life sometime soon!  In the meantime, happy reading!  Please be sure to share any book recommendations you have.

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