Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The gift of an unexpected email

Today I was busy working at my desk and decided to take a quick email break.  I discovered a new email in my inbox from my friend Mariko, entitled "why I love you."  This was seriously the best surprise I could have ever asked for this week.  I wanted to share this incredibly thoughtful email with all of you:

you try your best, all the time. at work, for others, in life. it's a hard discipline to practice, and somehow you do so remarkably. you're a woman to look up to, truly.

regardless of how you're feeling inside, you're always kind, loving, and compassionate. every time i think of you, i get good feelings. and it's because of the way you've made me feel.

you are a deep thinker, but you don't let analyzation debilitate you. because you're practical and you go with what actually makes sense, in an informed way.

i am so proud of the woman that you are. it's hard holding it down as an independent, strong, and compassionate woman. 

despite the distance and the frequency by which we see each other, know i love you so much and i think of you often. 

p.s. i miss you!

I can't emphasize how much I appreciated this email, and how much I love my dear friend Mariko.  People always say that you never know how much a little gesture can impact a friend.  The reason why they say this is that it's true!  The timing of Mariko's email is a bit ironic.  In addition to going through a stressful time at work with a lot of added pressure to my role, I had been feeling a bit down about myself for reasons I won't dive into.  I found it so interesting that the particular qualities in myself I had been feeling insecure about were the exact same things Mariko mentioned loving about me!  How great does it feel to be affirmed about something that you may contemplate about yourself?

This week, consider taking 5 minutes out of your day to call, email, or text a friend to tell them you love them and why.  You never know how much he/she might need your support!

Thank you, Mariko - I love you!

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