Thursday, September 12, 2013

Sober September updates: finding my stomach

Today is Day 10 of my month long alcohol free challenge.  It has gone really well and I'm feeling very proud of myself for sticking to something that is difficult for me, and believing I can do it (the latter I've learned is the most important thing).

I've had two key observations this week about this challenge:

1.  You have to learn how to face "end of the day stress" with your heart and mind, not alcohol (or whatever your go-to-not-as-healthy habit may be). 

The last two days of work have been pretty brutal for me.  I have a lot on my plate and have been working under a major grant deadline and planning for my organization's annual fundraiser.  On my drive home from work on Tuesday, I felt absolutely drained and thought "I could really use a drink." I was on my way to a book release party for a family friend, John Hamilton, at a really fun bar in Ballard with great beer and cocktails.  I am pretty sure I was the only living soul in the bar without a drink in hand during John's reading and celebration.  It definitely took some mental power to not order a drink, but I stuck to it, talked through my feelings with my parents, and on my drive home I was happy I wasn't running on a pint and got to bed on time. 

2.  I am starting to really feel my abs.

One of my insecure body zones is my stomach area.  My stomach is simply my go-to fat storage area on my body, and that's okay, but it's frustrating.  One of my biggest hopes in this challenge is to lose fat/inches around my waist area - both for my personal confidence and for my health.  This morning I put my hands on my waist and could feel my muscles WAY better than I could last month.  I thought, "this is why I work so hard to do abs at the gym - so I can actually feel them!"

Happy Thursday!  More later...

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