Saturday, March 22, 2014

The cherry blossoms are BACK!

If you've been reading my blog for a while, you know I am obsessed with cherry much that I go on walks just to find them and much that I nerdily (yes that's a word) coined the phrase "cherry blossom moment" to describe the experience of when you suddenly stop and feel a great wave of happiness and peace washing over you due to something positive in your life.

This morning I went for my first walk of Spring.  Lucy and I had a great time (obviously).  It was so cold outside, but quiet and calm.  The flowers are just now starting to bloom in Seattle and they are already breathtaking.  As I passed by all of the Cherry Blossom trees in the early stages of their blooming, I was filled with so much excitement thinking about when they take OVER my neighborhood.  It is the absolute best.  I become addicted to walking around the neighborhood with Lucy before and after work to walk past the trees.  A quirky but healthy habit, indeed.

I've added a new label to my Blog: Spring renewal.  This is my way of tracking posts that share about my journey (and the journey of loved ones) this Spring as we search for renewal, hope, and positive energy that flows through us on our path to (greater) health and happiness.

May you have a wonderful and peace filled weekend with lots of laughter, joy, and comfort.  Know that you are loved by many and were perfectly and wonderfully made.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Spring is HERE! (Feeling more inspired...)

Photo taken by Meredith Shay Samuelson

The other month I shared with you that I was going to write only when I was inspired to write, so that this blog would be filled with authentic (whether silly, serious, happy, or contemplative) posts.  Today is one of those days, and I'm so happy to finally write again.

I'll cut to the chase...For the past 4-5 months, I've been going through a rough patch - or what I lovingly have referred to as my "blah" phase.  You know when you have times in you life where each area of your life feels totally off and unsatisfying, and then collectively you start feeling hopeless and totally down (even if the reality might not be as bad as it seems)?  That's the best way I can succinctly describe how I've been feeling.  It got bad enough that on Wednesday night, I was sitting on my couch completely down in the dumps, crying, and feeling so sick of this state of "blah."

On Thursday morning, I woke up and checked my Facebook, and saw a post that my friend Whitney wrote:

"Good morning and happy first day of Spring! 'Today I start again, fresh, renewed. I will separate from yesterday's burdens and I will allow positive energy to flow through me as I greet the day with clear thoughts and no fears.'"

I reached out immediately to Whitney to let her know how much I appreciated her post.  In that moment, I realized that it was the first day of Spring - it was a very happy feeling.  The sun was out, and it occurred to me that if I believe in myself and my ability to move forward with positive energy, that things WILL get better.

Today my friend Meredith posted this beautiful photo of tulips at her home (above).  It was another happy sign and movement in the right direction for me.  My hope for this Spring is that it can truly be a time of renewal for me.  That I will learn more about myself, practice healthy living, and go confidently in the direction of my dreams (as Mr. Thoreau once said :).

What are your hopes for this Spring?