Saturday, April 19, 2014

New book: The Lean

One of my favorite health and wellness authors is Kathy Freston (who wrote one of my favorite books, Quantum Wellness).  While I don't follow all of Kathy's beliefs (ex: she is a strict vegan), I love her core belief of holistic wellness - taking care of your mind, body, and spirit as you strive for better health.

Yesterday I came across one of her books at Barnes & Noble on the bargain priced table (only $5.99 for a new hardcover book!).  The Lean is about taking 30 small steps in 30 days to lose weight.  I got the book because I am all about the concept of doing making small, realistic steps to better your overall health and happiness. Losing weight, of course (if needed) is just an added bonus!

Here is a sneak peek of the contents with some of the 30 day tips for health, to give you an idea.  I am not sure if I'll officially do the exact 30 day plan but I am looking forward to learning new things and applying some of the insights to my every day life!  Please feel free to join me for a book club of sorts, as I'll be reporting back with my findings. 

Here's to a healthy and happy weekend!

Friday evening walk

Last night I went on a walk to Gasworks Park with my two favorite L's: Lucy and my childhood friend, Lulu (of 27 years!).  It was a beautiful evening in Seattle and after getting home I realized that a Friday evening walk is a really awesome way to end the work week.  I'm the type of person who usually doesn't have energy to go out and stay out late on Fridays, because I'm too exhausted from the week.  However, I like doing at least something to celebrate. 

It was so awesome to be with Lulu, catch up, be outside, and get exercise.  The views were incredible and when I got home I felt healthy and happy.  Lately I've also been trying to eat clean and cut back on my drinking, so it felt refreshing to go from work to the park, instead of the bar. :)