Saturday, May 31, 2014

Legit Lean finding #1: Oatmeal for breakfast

Last month I mentioned getting the book, The Lean.  It shares 30 simple steps you can take (one new method each day, which you integrate as you progress through the 30 days) to better your overall health.  I am currently reading the book and will be sharing some of the findings I found particularly valuable.

The first is Freston's advice (Day 2) to "have a hearty breakfast."  She shares: "When you eat a good breakfast of complex carbs, like those in steel-cut oats or brown rice or whole grain bread, you get a slow and steady release of glucose that powers your body for hours" (8).  Kathy explains that while eggs have good protein that from a weight loss and health perspective, they have absolutely no fiber, which is not good for your metabolism.  She also shares that "Eating just a cup of oatmeal a day appears to extend a woman's life span as much as if she jogged four hours a week!" (13).  Pretty compelling, if you ask me!

So, I decided to give the hearty breakfast recommendation a whirl by purchasing quality rolled oats, and preparing oatmeal for breakfast a few times this week.  It absolutely has made a difference for me!  For one, I feel satisfied after the meal.  For two, I feel full for a long time.  Third, and even better, I don't feel that icky feeling after eating the meal.  There isn't a big blood sugar rush, digestive issues, or that too heavy stomach feeling you have after a rich egg dish/breakfast. 

I will mention that adding a few items to the oatmeal makes a big difference (the idea of eating plain oatmeal with nothing on it is out of the question for me).  I've tried adding fresh, local strawberry slices, chopped walnuts, brown sugar, and almond milk.  It is SUPER good.  I also am loving adding sliced apples with brown sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg, and a little ginger.  Ironically, Day 3 of The Lean is to eat an apply daily - so it's a perfect way to kill two birds with one stone! 

In recent months I had gotten out of the routine of making time to sit down and eat a healthy breakfast, and I've had quite a few muffins and Starbucks breakfast sandwiches on the go.  This is not "bad," but these options ultimately don't make me feel great in the end, and they cost a lot of money!  I am excited to integrate this healthy, small change as much as I can moving forward. 

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  1. Considering I am quite possibly the BIGGEST oatmeal fan ever created, I could not agree more! It's such a great choice if you're looking to eat better and feel better. Plus, you can always switch it up with new spices, fruits, nuts, etc., so it's never boring!