Sunday, June 8, 2014

21 day reset starts today!

I've always been a fan of the words "cleanse," "reset," "health," and "focus" (note: not "diet").  I love having a concentrated period of time where I try to cultivate awareness for (and really focus on) my health choices: eating, drinking, sleeping, and exercise (to name a few).  I've found that I am more successful within a short period of time because it feels less daunting than having a super ambitious long term goal. 

There is also something so mentally and physically satisfying about taking better care of yourself and getting rid of the "stuff" that makes you feel icky or discontent.  After I do a cleanse I feel so much better overall and it radiates from the inside out - I feel more confident and at peace.  I also always lose a few pounds and build my endurance, which serves as a great stepping stone for future goals.

As mentioned earlier this month, I have been in need of a "Spring clean."  I've been trying to eat healthier, drink less, sleep more, and get back on track with my health, but things have moved a bit slow so far.  I've realized this week that if I really want to make healthy changes and achieve my goals, I will have to really want it and be displined about it.

As timing would have it, I have plans for my annual trip to Colorado on June 29th to spend time with my cousin and her family.  While I'm excited (beyond words) for the trip, I'm not thrilled about (the idea of) not feeling confident in a swimsuit, not being able to go on runs with ease, or not fitting into clothes right when we go shopping.  I do not want to have moments during my trip where I have regrets or am preoccupied with silly insecurities.  I want to live it up with great happiness and confidence - in Colorado, and all Summer long.

This morning I realized that I have 21 days in Seattle left until I leave for my trip. So, between now and through June 28th, I'll be doing my 21 Day ResetI'd love for you to join me, especially if you have fun 4th of July travel plans or are simply looking to focus more on your health.  I truly believe that actively focusing on your health for a focused period of time can work wonders with producing healthy changes.  Here are some of the things I'll be focusing on:

1. GET MOVING - strive to get exercise every day, whether it's a 20 minute power walk or a long run.  Only take breaks when my body truly needs it - not just because I'm feeling tired or lazy.  I also want to take up running more often.  This morning I really challenged myself by going to Discovery Park and adding on more distance all the way down to the beach - the results were amazing!  I felt so happy, at peace, and proud of myself.  The scenery (above) was beautiful, and reminded me how lucky I am to live in a gorgeous place and be able to run - period.

2. CUT BACK on the BOOZE - I am going to try to be as conscientious as possible with my drinking, and only have a drink if I am truly craving one.  Those calories really add up.  Last Fall I was able to lose 7 lbs in 24 days just from giving up booze alone!  I also need to hydrate as much as possible, especially in between drinks.

3.  HEALTHY EATING - When I do a cleanse, I always try to focus on cutting back (but not eliminating entirely) various areas: animal products, alcohol, sweets, gluten, and caffeine.  I plan to strive for a diet focused largely on whole grains, veges, and healthy fats, and nix sweets and junk food as much as I can (if not, entirely).  Part of this means keeping up with grocery shopping and being intentional about making breakfast and bringing my lunch to work.  This is not always my strong suit!

As far as measuring my progress goes, I would like to lose 5 lbs and a few inches overall.  More importantly,  my only real goal is to FEEL better and fit better into my close.  As long as I feel better and my pants fit right, I know I'll feel great!

Please consider joining me for the 21 day reset - starting today, or whatever day your heart desires!  I'd love to share my progress/results as well as yours.

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