Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Quit thinking, get on your walking clothes, and head out the door!


Last night I got home from work and was in a weird mood.  I felt tired, stressed, lonely, lazy, and in a funk.  It was my first day of work after a long vacation and I did not want to go to work that day.  I sat around moping and contemplating how I should spend my evening, and I concluded that 1) it was an outrageously beautiful summer day outside that I should not waste, and 2) that if I sat around on my couch watching TV I wouldn't feel much better in the end.

I decided that I needed to just quit thinking, get up, get on my walking clothes, and head out the door.  I had an urge to drive away from my house and go to the water, so to no surprise I headed to Discovery Park - my special haven in Seattle.  When I'm there I always feel so at peace because I am removed from noise, distractions and stress triggers at home and at work.  I get exercise, breathe fresh air, feel the sun on my face, and after I leave I feel 10x better than I did before.

My plan for last night definitely ended up being the right one.  When I got home I didn't feel nearly as stressed.   I felt proud of myself that I sucked it up and just headed out of the door so that I could manage my stress in a healthy and productive way.  Lucy was definitely happy with my decision as well :).  We found an abandoned, brand new tennis ball on the trail and since hardly anyone was there, I ended up playing catch with her along a stretch of the walk - it was too much fun. 

My evening concluded with candles, a really nice glass of red wine, and an episode of Mistresses (a horribly ridiculous yet wonderful show that's one of my guilty pleasures).  It was the perfect end to my day.  I felt very thankful to go to bed feeling happy and stress free.

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  1. I love this! You truly have inspired to get off my booty at the end of the day, not sit in front of the TV watching trashy Bravo shows, and enjoy amazing summer evenings :)