Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Walking in the rain

Today after work I met my friend Stephanie for a walk in her neighborhood (Queen Anne).  It was a quiet, overcast evening and about half way through our walk it started pouring down rain.  Rather rushing home, we just continued our walk!  It was such an amazing feeling enjoying the sound and feeling of the rain and embracing the moment.  It reminded me how therapeutic it is to go for a walk, rain or shine!

Feeling the GOOD burn again

This month I'm completing my 30 day exercise challenge with my cousin and a few girlfriends (see August 27th post for more details!).  To ensure that September 1st would not be (too) rude of an awakening, I gave myself an awesome jump start over the weekend when I visited my friend Danica in Tahoe City.  I particularly loved this vacation because it was so health conscious.  We were active every day from the moment we got up until we sat down for dinner.

On Sunday (my last full day there), we went on a big hike.  While distance wise it was not very long, it was a lot of vertical gain and really challenged my muscles.  We went to approximately 8,200 feet, which was not easy compared to my sea level routines at home.  When we were done with the hike I felt so accomplished and thankful that I spent the day the way we did.

Later that evening when we were lounging at the house, I had the best muscle recovery "burn" feeling for the first time in a while.  Not a "I can't walk and am in pain" feeling, but a "I worked so hard today and feel great!" feeling.  It reminded me what it feels like to be in shape and push your muscles to a point where they feel fatigued in an amazing way.

Tonight I did my first Bar Method class during my lunch break - excited (sort of :) to feel the burn tomorrow!

When was the last time you really pushed your muscles in a good way?