Saturday, January 24, 2015

Finding your center

Today I stumbled upon a beautiful quote written by one of my favorite yoga instructors, Michelle.  One of my favorite things about Michelle is the wonderful and authentic way that she carries herself in and outside of class.  There's no putting on a show or pretending to be something you are not - you come to class just as you are, and with intention.  Michelle is one wise woman that I have been grateful to learn from over the years.

"Through teaching yoga, my primary hope is that I can help others uncover their original center - that neutral state of being where you feel awareness, clarity and discernment as you move through the ups and downs of daily life. There are different ways to get there, and I personally love using the body, the yoga asanas."

What is your hope in practicing yoga (or your favorite exercise)?  Where do you find your center?

Latest breakfast fave: Avocado toast

In recent months I've been making a solid effort to eat breakfast every day and be intentional about stocking my kitchen and fridge with nice options.  My latest favorite is whole grain toast with avocado.  It is so yummy, nutritious, and appropriately filling (neither too much or too little).  I love Dave's Killer Bread (specifically the 21 Whole Grains, thin-sliced option) and use Smart Balance buttery spread, fresh avocados, and then a little salt and pepper (and sometimes lemon) for flavor.  If I'm looking for something more substantial I add an egg (fried or sunny side up) to the mix.  So good!

Morning walk reminder

Today (my wine from last night) woke me up at 7:00 this morning.  Since sleeping in was no longer an option, I decided to grab a few things at the market across the street.  When I left the store, I noticed how quiet and peaceful of a morning it was and decided to go for an impromptu walk around the neighborhood.  I realized how long it had been since my normal walking routine.  I felt so refreshed and happy when I got home, and thankful for a positive start to my day.  I hope to be more conscientious about going on walks moving forward - even if it's during the Winter.

Monday, January 19, 2015

It's going to be a beautiful day

Tonight I stumbled upon this song and was truly inspired by the music and words (not to mention it's the cutest video featuring an awesome charity).  If there's a song that could no better sum up my own personal mission as I navigate through the New Year, this would be it.  The lyrics to the song provide a great reminder about not losing focus when you hit bumps in the road.  It's important to stop, look, and listen to notice the beauty that surrounds us, and remember all we have to be thankful for.

"Beautiful Day"

I'm gonna wash the dust off my soul
I'm gonna listen to some rock n' roll
No cares, come what may
I'm making a beautiful day

I'm gonna drive my car into the sea
Swim out far cause I believe that the waves will wash the gray away
I'm making a beautiful day
But let me hear you say

Oooh ooohh my my
I'm learning to fly
Hey hey what's that you're saying
Lets not forget we're alive

Gonna climb that hill behind my house
See what this place is all about
Cause from above it all
You can't help but say
It's gonna be a beautiful day
It's gonna be a beautiful day
But let me hear you say


Gonna turn my enemies into friends
Was broken yet stronger when it mends
When we all come together this song will play
We'll sing it's a beautiful day
And it's gonna be my beautiful day


Monday, January 12, 2015

Current home decor faves

If you've been reading my blog for some time you know that I love little pick me ups at home - treats and/or decorations that make my day.  Here are my latest faves:

"Sister" glassybaby

I am a huge fan of the local Seattle company, glassybaby. Not only do they make gorgeous products, but 10% of their sales go to wonderful causes.  Recently I purchased the color "Sister" to round out my collection (of 5).  I truly love it!

Capri Blue "Aloha Orchid" candle

I was introduced to the Aloha Orchid (Capri Blue) candle at Anthropologie through my friend Alex.  It smells AMAZING.  It is a bit strong but so amazing.  I have been lounging tonight with the candle lit and it honestly has made me feel so relaxed at home.  Something about the smell is simply comforting.  I can't wait to purchase the candle in a giant container size next time :).

What is your latest favorite household treat?

Creating a meditation space

This post is dedicated to my dear friend Sarah...that we may find peace, joy, and understanding as we navigate through the New Year.  I love you!

Last month I had a vision of designing a meditation space in my home.  I thought about something simple - just a place with a yoga mat and candles.  Somewhere that I could go to when I wake up, get home from work, get ready for bed, or anytime I need a moment of peace.  Last night I felt inspired to rearrange my furniture, and in doing so I discovered that I created a little area behind my couch where I could create the meditation space!  I noticed it was next to my book shelf, which reminded me of wisdom and learning.

Tonight after getting home from work I designed the space.  I changed into my comfy clothes, lit some candles, rolled out my yoga mat, and created a relaxing playlist (including this beautiful song by Bon Iver).  I first did some yoga stretches (downward dog and child's pose) to unwind and then ended up meditating.  While my mind wandered and I had a hard time focusing at times, I was grateful that I took the time to stop, sit, and be still.  I did feel better and noticed a more positive energy afterward.

I hope to go to this quiet place more often as I navigate through 2015.   My wish for you is that you may take a moment (or two) this week to sit still and find peace.  Blessings!