Monday, January 12, 2015

Creating a meditation space

This post is dedicated to my dear friend Sarah...that we may find peace, joy, and understanding as we navigate through the New Year.  I love you!

Last month I had a vision of designing a meditation space in my home.  I thought about something simple - just a place with a yoga mat and candles.  Somewhere that I could go to when I wake up, get home from work, get ready for bed, or anytime I need a moment of peace.  Last night I felt inspired to rearrange my furniture, and in doing so I discovered that I created a little area behind my couch where I could create the meditation space!  I noticed it was next to my book shelf, which reminded me of wisdom and learning.

Tonight after getting home from work I designed the space.  I changed into my comfy clothes, lit some candles, rolled out my yoga mat, and created a relaxing playlist (including this beautiful song by Bon Iver).  I first did some yoga stretches (downward dog and child's pose) to unwind and then ended up meditating.  While my mind wandered and I had a hard time focusing at times, I was grateful that I took the time to stop, sit, and be still.  I did feel better and noticed a more positive energy afterward.

I hope to go to this quiet place more often as I navigate through 2015.   My wish for you is that you may take a moment (or two) this week to sit still and find peace.  Blessings!

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