Sunday, April 19, 2015

Healthy living reset - progress so far!

A few weeks ago I posted about doing a healthy living "reset" to get back on track with my overall health.  I thought I'd do a quick update on how things have been going and what I've learned.

1. I've already lost 5 lbs!
It's amazing how quickly this happens when you are simply more intentional and mindful about your eating and exercise!  It feels nice to feel more back to "normal" with my body and daily health.

2. I've cut back on drinking and it feels great.  
Anyone who knows me knows I love a good glass of wine or excellent microbrew, but those calories do add up if you aren't careful.  Beer in particular leaves me very bloated and often prevents me from meeting my weight loss goal if I drink it too often.  I'm still drinking regularly but have scaled back on my beer intake and kept less wine open at my home and it's worked for the most part.

3. I'm spending more time outside.  
This is good for your body and soul!  I feel more energized and at peace, and those good feelings transfer into my home.

4.  I've developed a fondness for hearty dinner salads.  
A few years ago (before I started this blog) I took charge of my health and changed my life. One big lifestyle change I made was having smaller dinners. One of my favorite strategies (especially if I want to enjoy wine that evening :) is to simply have a salad for dinner - and it doesn't even need to involve meat or seafood!  This directs more of my energy to eating throughout the day, and ensures that you aren't eating a super heavy and/or caloric meal right before going to bed.

My latest favorite dinner salad!
Mixed greens, cucumbers, avocados, carrots, chopped walnuts, sunflower seeds, shredded cheese + dressing of choice (I usually default to ranch or goddess dressing because they give the avocados and veges a richness).  The walnuts are KEY because they give the salad some healthy fats and calories and keep me satisfied so I'm not hungry for something else later.

5. I've started running more
This is definitely not been a consistent effort, but I'm running about once a week and it feels great. While it's not a lot, I know that starting small is a must for me with building healthy, long-term habits.

6. I've learned that being proactive is key.
If there's one main challenge I've had, it's not planning my exercise or grocery shopping ahead of time, and then getting busy and making less ideal "game time" decisions.  I've learned how key it is to plan for when I grocery shop, and schedule exercise ahead of time.  If I don't, I can only be so optimistic that I will make impromptu decisions to have a healthy meal at home or get to the park to run stairs.

What has helped you in the past/present when you've maintained a healthy lifestyle?

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