Saturday, March 19, 2016

Awesome moments in CO

I haven't been blogging much since I moved to Denver, but today I felt inspired to do so. I was thinking about my life in Colorado and how much fun I've had since day one. I can't be more excited for the journey ahead with friends, family, Lucy, and new adventures. 2016 has been good to me.

In an effort to provide a recap of my adventures since July 26, 2015 (to be exact), here are some of my favorite moments to date:

1. When my brother and I sat down for a celebratory toast in my neighborhood, just minutes after we arrived!

2.  When my mom, brother, and cousin Robin (and her family) had a BBQ together at my new home the first weekend in Denver.

3. My first official Colorado hike (in Boulder) at over 10,000 feet!

4. My first official big girl day hike (on my own) with Lucy (followed by my first official dehydration episode hours after the hike - don't mess with altitude).

5. Looking out the window during a business meeting in downtown Denver and realizing how badass my new city is.

6. Meeting awesome Seahawks fans like Caylyn who have become part of my football family in Denver. Go Hawks!

7. Reaching the summit of a challenging hike at Golden Gate State Park with my friend Laura, alongside the fall Aspens.

8. When my dog (nonchalantly) came strolling into the kitchen one afternoon, looking like this.

9. When my friends Celeste (Seattle) and Monica (San Fran) each came out to visit me in Denver. Love these ladies!

10. When my Dad and I went to Mountain Toad Brewery (Golden) after a (somewhat disastrous) hike in the snow (sans snow gear).

11. The day Robin and I hiked Mushroom Rock and had the epic kitchen counter incident later that evening (I have never laughed harder since moving to CO).

12. My/Lucy's first snow day in Denver! (November 11, 2015)

 13. Thanksgiving 2015 with my relatives in Carbondale, CO. 

14. Receiving surprise birthday flowers from my mom the weekend before my birthday.

15. Celebrating Jillian's (pictured left) 10th birthday with her sister Anna (right). 

16. Driving by a frozen Sloan's Lake on the way back to my office - realizing I'd forever be in love with this city view.

 17. An awesome visit from my friend Barbara (San Diego) filled with great food, cocktails, theater, laughter, hiking, and the prettiest Wash Park sunset I've seen to date!

18. A ridiculously fun day in Boulder with my friend Jenny (last weekend). I am so lucky to have someone in Denver who's a natural fit for my quirky and goofy side.

As I reflected on these memories, I noticed consistent theme. All of the moments involved time outside and time with the people I love - a good reminder of what matters the most in life! I hope that the rest of your year is filled with joy, peace, happiness, and healthy living all around.