Sunday, December 4, 2016

hygge during the holidays

I have been loving December in Denver this holiday season. It is so sunny, peaceful, and fun to see the weather change a bit (so far little snow, though!). Lately I've been feeling grateful for the little things that are bringing me joy, whether it's a small shopping treat to myself or the view by a walking path). I also wanted to do a small plug for a couple awesome local businesses. 

1. Holiday Candles
I have about five holiday candles throughout my home right now. Yesterday at the Denver Flea I learned about this wonderful company that makes candles for a good cause: "helping teachers get the classroom supplies they need to spark young minds." I snagged their Apple Picking fragrance which smells amazing. You can learn more about KarmaLit and order some candles for your loved ones here (they make a fantastic holiday gift!).

2. Morning walks
I love morning walks. They are such a healthy way to start your day. They are energizing and reduce stress within minutes. Yesterday I went for a long morning walk around City Park. It was pretty cold, but super sunny and the scenery was awesome. The lake is finally starting to freeze a bit!

3. This scarf/blanket/towel
Yesterday at the Denver Flea I learned about this awesome company called hygge life. They make really practical, beautiful products like blankets, hand towels, and scarfs. I learned from visiting their website that hygge (pronounced hoo-ga) is the Danish word that describes "the feeling that comes from finding true joy in life's moments, big or small, whatever the season or time of day." I can't believe how ironic this is - I had no idea at the time of buying the scarf. 

What I love about the hygge life products is that many have more than one use - for instance, the scarf I got can also be used as a towel at home or blanket for the beach. It is 100% cotton, machine washable, and absorbs moisture well. Yay for wonderful, practical, local products!

4. Train rides
This Thanksgiving I took the train to/from Carbondale, CO for the second year in a row. It is so wonderful to relax, read, and listen to music (my latest favorite: Marian Hill) while passing by the beautiful scenery and NOT being stuck in traffic by yourself in (potentially) awful weather. That was a worthwhile run on sentence...

5. Glassybaby everything
I have been a long time fan of glassybaby, a company based out of Seattle. As glassybaby votives are rather pricey, I hadn't bought one since moving to Denver. Last week I bought one as a pick me up and holiday treat to myself in my new home. I had been eyeing the Cozy color for about a year. I also stocked up on their tea lights (they are hands down the best kind you can buy). 

6. Journaling
I bought this notebook a while back and am absolutely loving it. The quality is perfect (ideal weight, sturdy cover, nice lines, two sections, etc) and it's keeping me organized. I've been using it for shopping and holiday card lists, recording my workouts, brainstorming my health goals, and keeping track of books I want to read. I am also a huge fan of the brand and hope to pick out a few other items soon!

7. (Winter) Aspens 
Aspens are known for being extra stunning in the Fall, but really they are beautiful year-round. I have been loving them during this winter season and when I see them, I am reminded of how lucky I am to live in such a beautiful state.

8. Looking at inspiring photos of fitness, yoga, and nature on Pinterest
This is one of my "nerdy confessions." I am not a big Pinterest user, but when I go on there I love looking at beautiful photography. My favorite search on Pinterest is "yoga and nature." Looking at the photos remind me of the happiness that yoga, the outdoors, and health brings me. I also have a goal to visit more beautiful places in 2017. 

I also love saving inspiring fitness quotes that motivate me to challenge myself in my workouts or simply go to to the gym! It's always a good reminder to take care of our health during the holidays. This one (below) is simple but I love it because it's true. I really do feel confident, happy, strong and beautiful when I'm working out. 

What are the little things bringing you joy or inspiring you this holiday season?