Sunday, March 12, 2017

Getting lost in a nursery

I have never been a plant person. I like fresh flowers and have a couple succulents in my kitchen, but I've never spent any time learning about plants or shopping for them. Today I felt inspired to head to a local plant shop in Denver to search for a few additions for my home. I had read a couple of articles about plants that are great to have at home for health reasons (for example, NASA lists the Chinese Evergreen Plant as one of its top ten plants to clean the air of harmful toxins - source). 

I arrived at City Floral around 11:00 am and left at 1:30 pm. Oh my word - I have never found myself so captivated in a new place! It was like free admission to a museum, except for better air quality and no children running around. I got help from two wonderful women who spoke with me in detail about what plants would be easiest to take care of in my home, and in what locations. I ended up with a slew of plants, including a Chinese Evergreen, a Bamboo Palm tree, a Peace Lily, a Selaginella, a China Doll, and a Jade plant. 

I am super excited to have these suckers in my home and learn more about plant care (here's to hoping they last for a while!). I have a feeling I'll be making regular trips to City Floral in the future...

 China Doll plant (top) and Selaginella plant (bottom)